Plant Size & Price Guide

Highly seasonal products like tropical indoor plants vary in size, colour and availability with the seasons. Please read below to gain further understanding of our plant products.

Plant Variability

The photograph on each plant page is an example only and your plant will be different. As plants change a lot throughout the growing season, they quickly end up larger than the photograph. Your plant may be slightly smaller than pictured or be a different colour or different state of flowering depending on the season and the particular batch.

Plant Seasons

As we are in unheated greenhouses, our peak season runs from late spring through to mid Autumn which is approximately November - April.

Delicate plants such as Calathea, Alocasia, Colocasia & Caladium tend to be propagated and available in the warmest months, January - March. More robust houseplants such as philodendrons, anthurium, peperomia & ficus may be available and propagated at all times apart from winter. Robust half-hardy plants such as palms, succulents & ferns may be more consistently available throughout the year.

Plant Pricing

Our prices reflect the space a plant takes up in our greenhouse and the time it takes to grow to a suitable size. Slow growing and larger plants are higher priced than smaller fast growing plants.
We aim to compete on convenience and surety of supply. There's no guesswork around if something will be available and you don't need to leave your chair to get the plant you want.  We want to service plant lovers, not plant traders so we price our plants at or slightly below the market value.