Safe Shipping for Plants

Like you, we're avid online shoppers and all manner of plant packaging concoctions have arrived on our own doorstep. We decided to raise the bar for your online plant purchase.

Our custom made protective plant cartons keep the foliage safe and the roots securely at the bottom of the box in their soil and nursery pot. Recycled, recyclable, simple, effective... nice!

Learn everything about our plant packaging & couriers below.

Auckland & Northland Courier Rates

$13.50 Shipping per group of up to 4 Small or Medium Plants 

$13.50 Shipping per Large Plant

$50 for XL Plants 

North Island Courier Rates - Waikato to Wellington

$13.50 Shipping for 1-2 Small Plants

$13.50 Shipping per Medium Plant

$30 Per Large Plant

South Island Courier Rates

$13.50 Shipping for 1-2 Small Plants

$13.50 Per Medium Plant

$55 Per Large Plant

Large Plant Carton

Dimensions: 28cm L x 28cm W x 100cm H

Fits our 10 Litre Nursery Pot with plants smaller than 100cm tall.

Medium Plant Carton

Dimensions: 19cm L x 19cm W x 65cm H

Fits our 2.5 Litre Nursery Pot with plants smaller than 65cm tall.

Small Plant Carton

Dimensions: 15cm L x 15cm W x 50cm H

Fits our 1 Litre Nursery Pot with houseplants smaller than 50cm tall. 

Customer Care

We're here to help you and understand everyone wants to be treated reasonably and fairly so please get in contact if you have any queries. Buying natural, fragile, perishable products like plants is not as straightforward as ordering a tee shirt so we've outlined all of the nitty gritty here so you can order with confidence.

Dispatch Times

Orders are sent on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday each week.

Monday - We send orders placed the previous Wednesday Afternoon, Thursday & Friday. 
Tuesday - We process weekend orders from Saturday & Sunday.
Wednesday - We send orders received on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Morning.

Items are shipped overnight within the North Island and on a 2 Day service to the South Island. You will receive a confirmation email with your courier tracking details.

We suggest ordering early if you want a plant for a gift on a particular date and prepare for a week's turnaround and delivery time - then you'll be pleasantly surprised when your purchase arrives much quicker. We try to under-promise and over-deliver.

Courier parcels are packed the day they are picked up and processed in the order they are received, so no skipping the queue, Petal.

Couriers collect plant orders on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday each week, excluding public holidays in Northland. If your order cannot be processed by Wednesday, it will be one of the first to be processed on Monday next week.

Home Parcel Drop Zone

You will need a safe, sheltered, warm place to have your parcel delivered to. Use the notes section at the checkout to make safe delivery easy on the courier as we will add this to the delivery label..

Cold Weather Couriering

Seasonal frosty weather can be an issue for parts of the South Island & central plateau of the North Island. Our plants are frost-tender which means cold temperatures can cause plant cell damage or death.

Below are our 4 main tactics for avoiding frost damage:

1 - We will usually add additional insulation during the cold months on delicate plants or plants going to the South Island and Central Plateau.

2 - Our greenhouses are partly exposed to the Northland elements so our plants are already much more robust and adapted to variable conditions than those in highly controlled environments.

3 - The plants available over winter are usually our hardiest, toughest types anyway with late spring, summer & autumn being our peak season for more delicate types.

4 - We may delay shipping based on weather forecasts to ensure the plants arrive in good condition. We prefer to take the side of caution rather than take a send-it-and-see approach as we want everything to arrive and look great for you.

Ultimately, we cannot control nor perfectly predict changes in the weather therefore shipping tropical plants to the coldest parts of NZ in winter is done at the your risk but we take the above actions to minimise this risk greatly. If in doubt, wait it out for spring, we've got plenty more plant releases coming through our nursery in the warm seasons.

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