About PlantHouse

We're indoor plant growers in subtropical Northland, New Zealand who provide plants & accessories direct to your door. PlantHouse is a nursery that believes the best way to create original spaces at home begins with a palette based on greenery. A house without plants inside and out is still a blank canvas, no matter how many items of furniture or interior décor you put in. Plants react to their environment and make any place feel more like home, especially when you get to take them with you, wherever life takes you. 

Indoor plants are powerful mood adjusters in a house, a few well placed specimens turn sterile spaces into an inviting home. More than an ambience booster and more than simple  ornaments, we believe house plants are living, breathing, ever-changing, crucial design elements to every space we inhabit. 

Some plants are capable of complementing or even outshining even the most beautifully designed furniture or architecture, other plants are more discrete, speaking only on an intimate level to anyone within arm's reach. We grow both kinds and everything in between.

Each plant has its own story; The little battler desk plant that survived lockdown at your office, the special gift from a special friend, the cutting that grew huge or the huge plant that barely fit in the car when you moved apartments. That story of success and failure stays with your plant wherever your home ends up being.

So how did your plant's story begin?

Growers, Not Show-ers

Growers, not show-ers seems like the perfect description of our business. The phrase has a couple of meanings and we love to have a laugh at the world as we see it so we'd like you to join us along the way to learn, laugh and create your dream home & garden.

New greenhouses are being erected across PlantHouse's sites, rare indoor plants are being released each season, new ways of getting house plants to our customers and new accessories being developed to treat your plants with. There's a lot happening in the background and we may not have a shop in your area, but we still grow and deliver the goods. Come along for the ride.

New Zealand has many quality independent locally-owned businesses worth supporting that are packed full of green goodness - but they're a drop in the ocean of the plant retail industry. The lion's share of the profit goes overseas, with large foreign owned big green boxes buying plants, adding a fat margin then sending profit offshore. Pure show-ers.

It's the 2020s, it's a new economy and we want consumers to be conscious of who they're supporting.  So skip the queue, support local, know the journey and start your plant's story the right way. Start it here, where it all begins anyway.